International Voice Hub

Connecting to business opportunities around the world

Delivering top-quality international voice exchange services is a core competency of M800 Limited. We process more than 600 million minutes of voice services per month.

In Asia Pacific, our resilient infrastructure makes us the preferred international voice transit hub of the region’s fixed-line and mobile networks, with the industry’s strongest links to China. Globally, we bring premium and roaming call routing and dedicated capacity to international operators that demand reliable, high-quality service.

Resilient Infrastructure
M800’s reliable international voice services are built on direct international gateway connections with all of China’s top-tier telecommunications carriers and more than 200 international partners worldwide.

With advanced call routing and monitoring technologies, we ensure the best possible call quality in every location and at all times. We further safeguard our fully redundant telecommunications network through 24x7 engineering support from our Network Operations Centers.

Fast and Reliable Call Routing
Our customer-oriented end-to-end voice solutions can be further enhanced with our unique and innovative intelligent routing technology.

Developed in-house, this patented technology boosts call-routing accuracy and provides real-time system monitoring to ensure performance quality and service transparency. It supports processing speeds of less than 0.1 second and decreases latency to microseconds. This allows operators to maximize their switch-to-switch service efficiency and connect voice calls instantaneously, with excellent voice quality and no perceivable time delay.

Based on the Intelligent Network Application Part (INAP) signaling protocol, this sophisticated routing system was designed to handle more than 300,000 routes at the MSISDN, MSRN, and TLDN levels. It also includes prefix routing support for provinces and cities, with real-time network monitoring tools to ensure that traffic always takes the most efficient path for best performance and cost.