Short Message Service Hub

Fast, simple, and cost-effective customer communications

Text-based Short Message Service (SMS) communications allow businesses of all sizes to engage with customers more cost-efficiently and effectively.

With thorough knowledge of many different industries, as well as substantial technical resources, M800 Limited tailors SMS solutions to your exact business needs. Used effectively, SMS can help successfully launch products or events and direct traffic to a website. It can also deliver personalized customer support and execute innovative, interactive marketing campaigns.

Connect with Customers
Our powerful suite of SMS solutions help you enhance your customer service experience and reach a wide range of mobile handsets.

You can use secure SMS messages to nurture your relationship with individual customers by providing them with the right information at the right time. Two-way messaging is even supported, so customers can respond, with reply messages sent directly to your inbox.

Furthermore, our SMS solutions are ideal for effective mass marketing, allowing bulk SMS dispatching to subscriber lists for a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to reach large numbers of users.

Manage and Extend Your Services
With M800, you can fully manage all your SMS activities anytime, anywhere via our highly secure, multilingual Web portal. Offering real-time alerts and a host of simple-to-use tools, it makes it easy to manage your contact lists, schedule and dispatch messages, and analyze usage on the go. For deeper analysis, detailed reports can be downloaded in standard data formats through the straightforward Reporting Tool.

As your business grows, M800 has the robust infrastructure and extensive experience to handle even the most demanding service and coverage expansion. Furthermore, we provide year-round support to help you manage your technical and business challenges and achieve success.