China 4001 International Toll-Free Services

Conquering the limits of the area code

Co-developed and jointly operated by M800 Limited and China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile network operator, China 4001 International Toll-Free Services let you directly serve 1.3 billion potential customers in China.

Based on pioneering M800 technology, this unique service overcomes the limitations of legacy toll-free services, which could only reach fixed landlines. Now, however, with a single number for all 31 provinces, you can extend your voice, Short Message Service (SMS), and fax communications to fixed, mobile, and pay phones across China.

While the service is used primarily for cost-effective and efficient customer communications, many global enterprises also deploy the China 4001 service internally. This saves roaming costs and keeps staff across China connected to each other and to their overseas’ colleagues or headquarters.

Delight Customers in China
Leveraging our integrated communications platform, companies can respond to customers more rapidly and consistently around the clock with China 4001 International Toll-Free Services. Using M800’s patented intelligent routing solution, you can route calls according to time or location, even down to city level. This helps you ensure that every customer enjoys exceptional personalized service from the right team, at optimal call cost.

The bi-directional China 4001 service also guarantees Caller Number Display to allow you to retain the contact numbers of callers and provide enhanced service for existing customers, who are recognized whenever they call. Customers you contact also benefit from being able to identify you as a trusted caller.

Going further, white-list configurations enable even higher levels of VIP customer service. Along with Black Lists, which block malicious use of services, these ensure a high level of authorization management.

Improve Efficiency
The China 4001 Service is self-managed from a convenient and powerful proprietary Web platform that helps enterprises to improve operating efficiency and minimize costs. Accessible anywhere, anytime, it allows managers to dynamically provision services, manage billing, and access detailed call reporting and performance analysis tools.